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Where the heck did December come from?  The city is alight with stars, reindeer and bearded mean in red suits (what’s the all about?).  My hands swell as they run from the bitter cold into over-heated shops (thanks, John Lewis) to the point where I’m throwing change all over the counter as I can’t feel my fingers.  Winter – you bastard – I’ve missed you, despite all your cruel tricks and mood swings.  Gails to sun to snow to a cold day with clear blue skies and gentle winds.  Everyone’s tired and stressed but somehow still smiling.  Were all together acting like manic fools, throwing our money around as if there’s no tomorrow, when the economy will swallow us.  The current ‘fuck it – let’s be lavish’ attitude is an interesting one for stuffy old United Kingdom.  Or maybe it’s just us Scotts.

However, given recent crazes for homemade craft, jewellery, home-cooking and homemade everything else I hope that more people opt for for DIY gifts, illustrating that the thought really does count.  Because it would relieve a little of the guilt I’m feeling given I have no money to splurge, leaving that as an only option.  It’s all very well deciding on a low key Christmas with no gifts but this only works if those around you do the same, and I’m not about to be the one arriving somewhere empty handed when others have so much to give.

So homemade here we go.  I’m all set up with glittery fingers, Paperchase stickers, photo prints, buttons and glue.  I hope this will make up for my penny pinching ways.

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I’m not in the habit of writing lists.  Shopping lists, ‘to do’ lists, task lists… Heck, I rarely get round to throwing the handfuls of receipts out of my wallet let alone listing my expenditure.  Instead I wait until my wallet has literally reached breaking point and each bit of paper flutters to the ground in front of a long queue of impatient shoppers.  There’s a metaphor in there somewhere.  Instead I often compile my lists once the tasks are complete, simply for the joy of ticking off each one to satisfy my productivity ego.  Of course, I leave a few unticked for the sake of authenticity.
However, I’m trying to push myself further at the moment as I feel I’ve been skating along looking at the scenery instead of thinking of what’s ahead of me or when to turn off.  I’m unsatisfied and unfulfilled and although I’ve learnt that this is par for the course of human existence it is not enough and I am ready to challenge it.  I didn’t make New Year’s resolutions as I felt I wasn’t ready to uphold them, but it’s time to move forward.  So here is my to do list for the months ahead:

  • Get up earlier and take more walks.  There are few things I love and enjoy more than taking long walks and exploring the world (as long as it’s close to home – sub-bulletpoint: conquer homesickness), and it is one of the easiest things to do.  I live in such a beautiful city and that’s something coming from a country mouse, I need to give myself more of a chance to enjoy it.  Being inside with a book is a day well spent but if adventure calls run after it, I say.
  • Concentrate much more on my creative hobbies.  I want to blog more, or at least give time to writing, photography and crafts.  I enjoy and look forward to these things but I’m always too exhausted to work on them.  I find them hugely fulfilling and would like to take them further, but don’t have the time or emotional/physical energy to do this.  Hence the decision to…
  •  …Leave or cut my hours at my job.  I have worked there for almost three years and have progressed much more than I planned or expected.  I enjoy it in parts and find it immensely rewarding, most of which is owed to our customers.  I work with a great team that I have worked hard to develop and have a good relationship with most of my colleagues.  However it is not something I ever planned to stick with and that hasn’t changed.  So…
  • …I would like to work in a much more creative field or at least amongst creative people.  I’d settle as a tea-maker at a publishing house or even work the front desk at an art gallery.  I’m at the point where I want to be in an environment that I can connect with or at least connect it to a more long-term goal.  Work in a craft or gift shop, a library, an art space.  I don’t really know, and the only experience I have is my two-week placement at a community arts centre, working in the art room and drama workshop with school kids and reorganising their entire costume collection (now that I could do for life).  Hence, my final goal…
  • Figure out how on Earth I can achieve all of the above.

Hard to say whether these are too ambitious or not ambitious enough, but I hope for me it’s the right balance, the smallest of steps.
Apologies if you’ve reached the end with no sense of satisfaction, I’m very much writing for myself right now.  But please do feel open to sharing any goals or hopes you have for your own future, it would be interesting to see the heights others hope for, especially fellow writers (is it wrong to refer to myself as such, I don’t know) and picture-takers.  Is everyone else as terrible at sticking to resolutions as I am?

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