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The smell of autumn is winding through my open window.  It’s a Lapsang Souchong of an evening, smokey air carrying damp wood, bonfires and an icy crispness.  Summer was short lived this year as everyone keeps saying.  Not two weeks of tee-shirt-hot days from May through to August and a very rainy fringe festival.  Edinburgh shines through the rain though, just as the fairy lights will shine through Princes Street Gardens at the next change of season.  It’s been one of those days where the clouds shift the light around continuously casting shadows over the streets.  Sudden rain showers keep bursting through the cloud canvas and drenching the city.  I took a walk  and as I turned the corner onto the Royal Mile the sky ripped open and everyone ran for cover, like Moses parting the red sea the street was abandoned within seconds (an innate skill learned from our ancestors to survive the ever erratic climate, the scamper instinct) and I kept on walking and savoured the abandoned street.  Looking at Edinburgh through the misty rain,  you can disappear to Sylvain Chomet’s world of The Illusionist, where each street glows with a nostalgia still to be tapped in to, a mysterious, unfolding and defiantly beautiful city.

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