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Where the heck did December come from?  The city is alight with stars, reindeer and bearded mean in red suits (what’s the all about?).  My hands swell as they run from the bitter cold into over-heated shops (thanks, John Lewis) to the point where I’m throwing change all over the counter as I can’t feel my fingers.  Winter – you bastard – I’ve missed you, despite all your cruel tricks and mood swings.  Gails to sun to snow to a cold day with clear blue skies and gentle winds.  Everyone’s tired and stressed but somehow still smiling.  Were all together acting like manic fools, throwing our money around as if there’s no tomorrow, when the economy will swallow us.  The current ‘fuck it – let’s be lavish’ attitude is an interesting one for stuffy old United Kingdom.  Or maybe it’s just us Scotts.

However, given recent crazes for homemade craft, jewellery, home-cooking and homemade everything else I hope that more people opt for for DIY gifts, illustrating that the thought really does count.  Because it would relieve a little of the guilt I’m feeling given I have no money to splurge, leaving that as an only option.  It’s all very well deciding on a low key Christmas with no gifts but this only works if those around you do the same, and I’m not about to be the one arriving somewhere empty handed when others have so much to give.

So homemade here we go.  I’m all set up with glittery fingers, Paperchase stickers, photo prints, buttons and glue.  I hope this will make up for my penny pinching ways.

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I’m sad to say it’s December tomorrow – and not just because I dread the festive season.  Although the winter solstice is still weeks away the end of November feels like the end of autumn to me, and if my blog has caught your eye for even just a second you’ll know I’ve been diving head first into it this year.  The fading sun will retreat further and soon we’ll have snow underfoot, not to mention sludge, muddy puddles and frozen toes.  However, I’m hoping a new page will turn with the season and I plan to stay positive through the cold days ahead.  For now this is the end of my autumn  ramblings, I’m ready to bid farewell to a dear friend for another year.  Let’s raise a toast – as long as it’s not eggnog

Magic Carpet

The Gardens // The Castle

The Hill by the Mile

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