The Swan


The ship is pitching and heaving

Our limbs are bobbing and weaving

I think that this is something I understand



Edinburgh Reminiscing – A Farewell to the City of Wonder


Portabello Beach

Blue skies like sunrise

A trip to cornwall, boats, beaches, sand and sea.  Through rainforests hidden in a bubble and japanese gardens with sleeping figures of trees and rocks.  A study of lighthouses and the breath of the sea.  Watch this space.

to be a bird

oh, to be a bird in the sky, sweeping through the clouds with such ease and grace.

Oh boy, what a life!





Remember this old chap?

I’ve been pretty absent of late. To compensate,  here’s a remarkably underwhelming selection of photos to tide you hungry sprites over until creativity comes a-calling. Third set from the zoo trip. Best,



If you liked that and you’re into voyeurism – head on over to view the penguins right here, coming at you live from Scotland’s capital.  That is, when the cam is up and running again.  For now there’s always Youtube.

good morning

I feel like taking photos today.