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I visited Wales for the first time over my birthday, driving up from the Severn Bridge to a hamlet near Conwy, North Wales.  On the morning of my birthday we set off for Edinburgh, driving along the coastline at first and stopping at Point of Ayr, the northernmost point of mainland Wales.  Such a joy to find another lighthouse.

[please click pictures twice for clear view]

The bird over the bay at sunrise, about 8.30.

More birds over the bay, taken from the car park, right about when my fingers began to go numb.


It was such a blustery morning the sand was gathering in a sweeping storm swimming about a foot off the ground.  I stood with waves of coarse salty sand whipping against my ankles, stray grains shooting up to nip at my hands.  My face was in pain and my ears ready to burst.  It was beautiful and exhilarating, I wanted to bottle it and forever be able to visit.  I enjoyed the moment, the feelings, the howl of nature…but I wanted to take pictures.

In the middle of the ‘sandstorm’, calf-deep in its whispers.

The sandstorm again, edited.  I think it enhances the textures and movement but I’m not sure how I feel about editing beyond slight adjustments, or at all.

The derelict lighthouse, a metal figure stands at the top looking out to land, or perhaps at the sand below.  I tried to climb up the steps but it was so windy and there was noting to hold on to.  I’m not the largest of things and wasn’t sturdy enough to withhold the wind.

Another similar ‘birds in the bay’, I’m indecisive.

The sun put his hat on and the gulls headed out towards the water.  The area is part of an RSBC nature reserve.

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This is where I was at 8:30a.m on my birthday.  More to follow.  Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year.

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